Gautier Woman Has Problem With A Contractor

"All of this was in place when they took the job. All they had to do, where it needed to be remudded, the nicks, the holes, they were to fix those," Mozella Brown says.

A volunteer church group got the work started on Mozella Brown's home. In late December, she hired Sherman Mabins to do the rest.

"He said, 'Ms. Brown, I'm going to do a good job.'"

For it, Brown was going to pay Mabins $7,400.

"He said that he needed operational money," she says.

Which meant he needed half of the money up front. Brown paid it.

"He sure did a good job. A good job at nothing and making it worse than it was."

Over the last few weeks, Brown says Mabins sent crews out to work on her Gautier home. But Brown says one look around and it's obvious those workers weren't up to the job.

"It was just like this, what the church had done. He came in and just blew it. It had not been taped, sanded, mudded. He just covered it up. Not fair."

"As time went on, I just got fed up."

So Brown called the Better Business Bureau. To her surprise she found out there was no file of Mabins or S&M Contractors.

"I was furious. I was furious, because he had led me to believe he was a contractor and that he could do the work I needed. He failed me."

There's only one thing Brown wants from Mabins now.

"I am willing for whatever materials you've purchased for this home and what you've paid your workers, take that out of the $3,745 and give me my money," Brown says.

WLOX spoke with Sherman Mabins on Friday. He said he would not return the money to Brown because he used it all paying for the labor and materials.

Mabins says he is licensed to do contract work in Gautier. But officials from the Gautier Planning Department told WLOX Mabins just got the license on Thursday.