Governor Launches Statewide Jobs Program

The Mississippi Development Authority is trying to make it easier for all Mississippians to find work.

Governor Musgrove flew around the state, and launched the WIN in Mississippi program. WIN is the Workforce Investment Network. It's motto is bringing people and jobs together. The program is supposed to offer one-stop employment and training services.

At places like the Gulfport employment office, people can use computers to look for a new job, and update their resumes.

According to the governor, "What WIN in Mississippi does is it pulls together the employer, the potential worker and makes sure that we have a trained, skilled workforce so that employers get what they want, but employees are able to market themselves in a good job."

George Schloegel has been named chairman of the workforce investment board. He briefly spoke at the governor's news conference. Schloegel said, "When people help other people get jobs, great things happen. And this is a great day."

Six WIN job centers have been set up around the state. For more information, click on