Scranton Place Condos Become Commodity In Pascagoula

It's the image you see everywhere - contractors working to repair homes. Your eyes may fool you. These condos weren't damaged by Katrina. They're brand new.

"I'm far enough away from the beach, what little water did come through here was primarily in the road. There was about an inch of water in the condos themselves, but we weren't far enough along for them to do any damage," Developer Gentry Williams says.

Williams started the Scranton Place project months before Katrina.

Though the cost of labor and materials has made his investment more expensive,Williams says he never wanted to give up, because people need them.

"These people that purchased these first eight units, the units that got this project off the ground, primarily were folks that lost their houses and needed a place to live," Williams says.

So day after day, contractors work to piece together the high end condominium complex. Williams says the progress at Scranton Place is progress for the city.

"I want to see Pascagoula get off its feet and get back to the city I've known and love. And I want to be a large part of that with this and any other development I may try to take on in the future," Williams says. "As you can see here, we're getting ready to build the third building. All of those units pretty much are sold."

In fact, because of Katrina, Williams says the condos are going quickly.

"Their calls have picked up."

So Williams plans to work hard to get what was Pre-Katrina a luxury, now Post-Katrina a necessity, finished as soon as possible.