Shell Provides A Little Coast-Wide Relief

The Shell Station on Highway 57 in Vancleave was a little busier than usual Wednesday afternoon. That's because good news travels fast.

Members of Shell's Team Gulf Coast were out wearing their red to help South Mississippians save a little green.

"We're hitting about two stations a day. We're giving our customers $10 of free gas, and we're also giving them the full-service treatment, interacting with them, talking with them a little bit, and of course pumping the gas for them," Shell tour field manager Carlos Valadez.

"Oh, I think it's wonderful. Not only are they giving us gas cards for free gas, but they are pumping it, which is just fantastic. I haven't had that in years," said Marianne Broadus.

For a week, Shell is sponsoring a "Keep The Gulf Coast Moving" campaign, in which team members will travel throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast, serving those who have been through trying times.

The team's goal - to bring perhaps a smile to people who may not have had a reason to for nearly five months now.

"It's very rewarding for us to have this opportunity to come out here and just give back to the community, especially our Shell customers who are very important to us and we're just really happy to be out here and we're here to help in any way we can," said Valadez.

"I think they're doing a really good thing. I mean, not many people would do this and gas prices are outrageous now. They're just doing a good thing. God bless them," said Eric Fayard.

The team's next stop is Friday at the Shell station in Pascagoula on Telephone Road. The full-service treatment will begin at 3 p.m. and end at 6 p.m.

And on Saturday, the team will make two stops- one in Ocean Springs and the other in Gautier.