Dorm Space A Valuable Commodity At MGCCC In Perkinston

Students heading off to school at Gulf Coast Community College's Perkinston campus may get the classes they want, but they might not have a room to stay in.

More than 150 students are on a waiting list for student housing at the MGCCC in Perkinston. Officials say the shortage is caused by continued growth in the student population.

Administrators say typically, some students either don't show up or drop out after classes start, opening up valuable dorm space. In the meantime, they're combating the shortage by housing some students in a local hotel.

Another option that some students choose is to live with three people in each dorm room. But students say three is definitely a crowd.

"They're pretty small," Resident Advisor Jeremiah Noack said. Two beds by their self, if they're not bunk beds, that's a really small room. You could fit about one desk and have a computer. And you only get one dresser per two people, you only get drawers each."

Some parents moving their kids into the dorms agree that the space is pretty tight.

"It would be a pretty tight fit just with this little bit of room right here," one parent, Steve Williams, said.

School administrators say that the problem is usually resolved soon after classes begin.