Modular Home Expo Coming To South Mississippi

A small house going up on Automall Parkway is turning a lot of drivers' heads in D'Iberville.

"We unloaded about 8 o'clock, and people are stopping, pulling in behind, and taking pictures," said Jim Hafer.

Hafer is an executive with Energy Homes of Texas. He's the first to erect a demo manufactured house in D'Iberville. It will be among a dozen homes from across the Southeast, that will be featured in the upcoming "Modular Home Expo."

Hafer held up a piece of the wall and said, "It's constructed using OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, with expanded polystyrene. It's sandwiched in. It's glued. It's much stronger than a normal wall."

Wallace Freeman is D'Iberville's Building Official.

"Everyday, I get calls and I get people coming to my office, trying to find a way for them to get back in their house as quick as they can. This is one of the outlets that we'll have available for the people, to get back in anywhere from five to eight weeks," Freeman said.

B.J. Loper is certainly interested in a design that's fast and affordable. He lost his Biloxi house in Hurricane Katrina.

"It is unusual. After I talked to the supervisor, and he explained to me just how it worked, it's a real nice deal. A good set up," said Loper.

Hafer hopes South Mississippians will embrace this home building concept, and he's eager to expose them to some options as they return and rebuild.

The "Modular Home Expo" will be held Saturday, February 4th, from 8am-4pm. It's on Automall Parkway, next to D'Iberville City Hall. The event is free and open to the public.