San Diego Volunteers Making A Difference

Ron Reierson is teaching these volunteers the ins and outs of installing sheet rock.

"In another hour, they'll be doing it just as good as me," Reierson says.

Kim Huffman is one of those volunteers.

"I just don't want to mess up," Huffman says.

She's new to carpentry, but she's learning the trade from her father, Don another volunteer.

"She is excellent. She's a quick learner," Don Huffman says.

Huffman and the rest of this six man crew came from San Diego to mend the holes in some Pascagoula homes. Daniel Lawrence was grateful they stopped by.

"We had some doors knocked in, we had some drywall out, a little bit of electric work, we had our fence knocked down, the garage door caved in. Basically the same thing everybody in Pascagoula got," Lawrence says.

But this damage is something not everyone outside South Mississippi still sees. Dina Lieber says that's why her church group is here.

"Seems like the businesses were up and running and the cars are running, but there's still so much damage internally," Lieber says.

In Lawrence's home, they're putting up drywall. In other homes, they're tearing out insulation.

"We're just going and helping out as we see that there is a need," Lieber says.

"Taking time away from our lives to make other's lives better. It means a lot," Kim Huffman says.

The work means a lot to Lawrence too. He knows many are of his helpers are new to hanging dry wall, but he can see they're not new to caring.

"It's about people taking care of people. They're doing it right," Lawrence says.