Gautier Resident Questions Rising Water Bill

"I'm mad because my mom has a big four bedroom house and her water bill is $40 a month. I live in an apartment and it is $200 a month," Gautier Resident Gwen Magee said.

As Gwen Magee looks at her water bill, she is amazed at the steadily rising cost.

"Before Katrina it fluctuated between $89 and $104, which that is really high too, but I paid that. Now after Katrina, it is $200-something every month," Magee said.

Magee and her neighbors say they have complained about the increasing water bill to the Pointe Apartments and the National Water and Power Company. But they say the issue has fallen on deaf ears.

Resident Lisa Patterson said, "It is just ridiculous. We have other bills also, and it is more or less like, 'Are we going to feed our family or pay a water bill?'"

"I started at $30, and last month it was $113," resident Teresa Lynd said.

With the fear of an even bigger increase, and no help from either company, residents say they are using as little water as possible.

"I do not have any clothes in here being washed. This is my water jugs. This is the water we buy and we fill them up every couple of days," Patterson said.

"I do not drink the water, I do not cook with it, I buy my water," Magee said.

"I wash a least one load of clothes a day, and there three of us that shower. That is about it," Teresa Lynd said.

But they say it's only a temporary remedy and they want real change.

"I wish the bill could come back to a normal range. Something that people can afford that are at a moderate income," Patterson said. "I want everyone to stop pointing fingers, and get to the bottom of why is the water so extremely high."