Biloxi Woman Gets A Helping Hand, Looks To Pay It Forward

Hurricane Katrina certainly brought fear and desperation our way. But it also brought kindness, hope and incredible tales of generosity. We have the story of one woman's struggle to get the medical care she needs, and the stranger who stepped in to help.

Case worker Sharon Barlow now spends her days visiting hurricane victims in Biloxi.

"Hi mame, I'm Sharon from the Salvation Army, how are you doing? I know you got a doctor's appointment today?"

After this visit, Barlow actually has a doctor's appointment of her own. One she's not looking forward to. After helping others all day long, she's nervously undergoing an MRI to find out why her left eye is bulging and her tear duct has collapsed.

"I've had this problem with my eye for a couple of years and it's gotten progressively worse. I'm just hoping for the best."

Fearing bad news is hard enough. Not being able to pay for the expensive test was almost as rough. She lost her job and all medical benefits because of Katrina.

"I was employed at President Casino for almost 13 years and I recently went on with Hard Rock Casino," Barlow said.

After the hurricane, she quickly went to work as a Salvation Army case worker. While on the job, she met a woman in health care who asked about her eye and wanted to help.

"By the good grace of God, she did. Her brother in law is a member of the Grand Lodge Masons and he has most generously wrote a check for a MRI."

Barlow thinks of that kind man when she asks her 83-year-old client for a wish list.

"I love what I'm doing, I love helping people. I'm just so thankful that he helped me. It's like the movie "Pay it Forward." That's what we thought of, pay it forward."

Barlow should find out the results of her MRI in 7 to 10 days.