WLOX Showcase For Kids A Hit

Children taking part in theWLOX Showcase For Kids in Biloxi on Saturday enjoyed games, contests, and educational activities. But the Showcase also gave almost 50 exhibitors the opportunity to get to know some of the people their businesses target.

Psychiatrist Jule Miller says the event helps gives him the exposure he needs to market his new videos and booklets about hyperactive children

"So far it's working great for me," Miller said. "Everyone seems to be interested in getting some of the information for our booth, so I'm just handing it out and we'll find out if they contact me how well it worked."

From toy stores to cellular companies, businesses took the opportunity to let kids and their parents about the resources that are available to them. Some parents say getting so much information in one place is helpful.

"It's very hard to find things especially for little kids but this sort of opens up all the doors," John Harris said. "Gives you an opportunity to see what all is here."

The adults weren't the only ones looking for a little exposure. Kids swallowed their fears and took to the stage so other kids would know what fun activities they might be missing out on like theatre and dance teams. Some of the kids were just glad to be in a place that catered to them. Abby

"I think it's cool that we can just do whatever we want," 9-year-old Abby Abide said. "We can have the special kinds of foods that most kids like, and they have games and entertainment and stuff."

This was the ninth year of the Showcase for Kids.

by Danielle Thomas