Indiana Church Group Helps Gulfport Couple Rebuild

A Gulfport couple felt helpless after Katrina flooded their home and damaged their roof. Sixty-five-year-old Emmett Schubert and his wife Beverly did not have flood insurance, and Schubert is too weak after undergoing several heart surgeries.

Members of "Congregational Community Church" in Franklin, Indiana, wanted to help a South Mississippi family rebuild their home. When they contacted Klein Road Church of God in Gulfport, the pastor sent them to the Schuberts' house.

It doesn't take a lot of muscle power, or professional skills to rebuild a home that's been battered and ruined by Hurricane Katrina. The Indiana volunteers will tell you it just takes a lot of faith and the will to help.

"We feel like we're doing the Lord's work, and that's the main reason that we came. It's a God send. It really is a God send," said volunteer Ray Kegley.

The crew felt it was a calling from God to come to Church Avenue in Gulfport, to repair a flooded home for an older couple. And volunteers, like Melissa Hacker, didn't hesitate to sign up.

"After seeing all the devastation, we just felt like this was something very small that we could do for something of such a huge disaster," Melissa Hacker said.

Hacker is giving her time and energy to ease someone else's suffering, at a time when she is facing her own, personal agony.

"Actually, I'm an ovarian cancer patient. So and it's nice to focus on something besides me for awhile. I just finished chemo and so I decided that I wanted to do something else," said Hacker.

Doing something for others, yet still able to keep her sense of humor.

"Normally, I don't get bit because mosquitoes don't bite chemo patients, because I think we have a toxin or something. They don't usually bite, but I am actually being bitten by your gnats. So, thank you very much," Hacker said with a smile.

Besides the labor, the Indiana church also donated about $8,500 worth of supplies for the repairs. The group will continue to work on the house until the end of the week.