Two Coast Teachers Using Technology In Digital Edge Program

As Robbin Vonder Bruegge teaches her 2nd grade students, Debra Jackson is capturing her every move on camera. Both teachers were chosen to take part in the national Digital Edge Program.

"We were very excited, we have our own laptop and digicam to use," Bruegge said.

"We use a digital camera and we're using that, along with microphones, to videotape ourselves and our students," Jackson added.

Their goal is to show future educators what really goes on in a classroom and the lesson plans that work.

"The idea is to show actual teaching in the classroom, to give examples of student artifacts, to show reflection on our teacher practice," Jackson said. "Then I have to take the video I've shot, and import it onto the laptop."

This laptop computer allows the teachers to edit their video and turn it into a five-minute movie. The movies not only showcase what the teachers do in the classroom, they also illustrate how teachers use national teaching and technology standards. The movies will be sent to an Apple Computers web site, for future teachers to watch and eventually apply to their classrooms.

"As a teacher, I feel like this would have really helped me, if I had this available to use when I was going through my student teaching," Bruegge said.

The movies are due next June. Once the movies are edited and compiled for the website three universities will use the digital library as a tool to train new teachers.