Storm Recovery Continues On Lovers Lane

Hurricane Katrina caused much heartache on Lover's Lane, a neighborhood that's long been among the most desirable places to live in Ocean Springs.

"They're taking down my neighbor's house," said Charlie Taylor, his voice rising above the sound of heavy equipment next door.

Demolition crews removed splintered pieces of the former house at 304 Lovers Lane. Taylor is among the lucky ones who's able to rebuild. His neighbors next door were not as fortunate.

"They live in Florida. And they decided to go ahead and take the house down. And they're probably going to put the lot on the market," Taylor explained.

Construction workers are busy restoring Dr. Ray Weiss's property.

"We're just kind of piecing everything back together," said construction worker, Chris Behrens.

The coast native is happy to be part of the recovery effort. He's talked to several Lover's Lane residents who plan on staying and rebuilding.

"Most of the ones I've talked to have committed to rebuild. It's just a slow process with the elevations and getting everything situated to where they can rebuild and rebuild correctly. But the ones I talked with do plan to come back," said Behrens.

Like many storm damaged neighborhoods along the coast, there is a sharp contrast with the recovery here on Lover's Lane. In some cases the rebuilding is well underway, while right next door is a house which apparently hasn't been touched since the storm.

Once the reminders of the storm are removed, neighbors like Charlie Taylor are confident the Lover's Lane they know and love will become a desirable address once again.

"I think tomorrow we're going to see a ray of sunshine. I'm looking forward to it," he said, smiling.

The planning director for Ocean Springs is also confident the Lover's Lane neighborhood will bounce back. Donovan Scruggs told WLOX News the "vast majority" of home owners there plan on rebuilding.