Not Enough Homes In Northeast Jackson County To Supply Demand

Kevin Self wanted more land in a nice community with a good school district that doesn't flood. So he's building his home in Hurley. Since Katrina he says more people are following his lead, but land is limited.

"I know people looking for land to build on but aren't able to find it. There were several lots in here that were available, but since the storm they've been sold," Self says.

Real Estate Agent Everett Greer says homes for sale are also hard to come by.

"There's only 38 homes in that market for sale this morning," Greer says.

And day after day, Greer receives just as many callers interested in looking at them.

"Twenty to 25 calls asking for homes in East Central," Greer says. "It's a very popular destination. The school system there is quite a draw, the fact that it's higher elevation than we are on the coastline."

But it's not just about availability. Greer says most of the homes that are either for sale or under construction in northeast Jackson County aren't affordable for the average person.

Agent Stephen Greer says most families looking for a home Jackson County want something under $125,000.

"Anything in that 100-125 range typically has been mobile homes on two acre tracks," Stephen Greer says. "The primary price range I've seen from my last two searches is the 200-250 price range."

Realtors say the demand for housing in Hurley isn't likely to drop anytime soon. But until a developer steps in to build new neighborhoods, homes will remain in short supply.