Flowers Sprouting In Different Places Post-Katrina

Mr. John Roberts has lived in his Wood Glen home for about 27 years, and he is known for maintaining quite a yard, which was at one time filled with fruit and pine trees.

But after receiving nearly seven inches of water in his backyard from Hurricane Katrina, he lost 4 trees, but gained something else.

"The rain and the wave that came in of water came through these two gates in the back-they had blown down- and so the water came in and covered all the back yard here. And then of course it receded, and when it receded, well, these sunflower seeds dropped to the ground and we have some back here and over there. Our neighbors even have a few sunflowers that they didn't plant either that came up," said Roberts.

Roberts now has about 15 sunflowers in his backyard, which have withered a little from so much rain. But since the storm, the flowers have provided him and his family with a little ray of hope.

"It makes you somewhat humbled, seeing what Mother Nature has for us and can happen and all, and as they say there's always a bright spot with the sunflower you know," said Roberts.

We've heard quite a few stories of flowers and plants growing where they haven't grown before, including a watermelon vine growing throughout a neighborhood in Pass Christian.