Explosive Found In A Biloxi Neighborhood

Like all K-9s, Sarah Young's Great Danes like to dig. At eight o'clock Saturday morning, her son discovered the big dogs had dug up something big.

"He saw something. He picked it up, looked at it and said he had better put it back down."

Following a quick call to the police, their suspicions were soon confirmed.

"It was plain," says Young. "You could see it was a bullet. A mortar shell, and it had been struck, but it didn't go off, see, and it was still there."

Sarah and her entire neighborhood watched and snapped photos as a bomb disposal robot carried the shell to the Popp's Ferry Elementary School Playground. That's where they buried it and then detonated it. And, it's where Sarah says another fearful suspicion was confirmed.

"It was live. It made so much noise it had to have been live."

Sarah says police had a simple, if not exactly reassuring explanation for how the shell may have wound up in her backyard.

"The police said they had found several in this area in West Biloxi because Keesler used to use this area."

The retired English teacher says practically living on top of a live shell for nearly 46 years feels like something out of a movie. And she worries what effect this might have when the grass starts growing again.

"My neighbor used to come cut my grass. He said I'm not coming to cut your grass anymore."

But she's glad it's gone, this day is over, and she's glad to have two bomb sniffing dogs constantly on patrol.