Moss Point Family Receives First Habitat Home After Katrina

With the cut of a ribbon, Tammy and James Covan officially became homeowners.

After years of living with relatives, the Covan family of five has moved on to a spacious three bedroom home, something the family couldn't wait to show off.

"This side is going to be my sister's side... and this is my side," says Ke'Aundra Covan.

"This is what you call the master suite. Yeah, master suite," says Tammy Covan, as she shows off her new home.

"This is the kitchen. The counter tops, we got them from Ocean Springs Lumber, who partnered with Habitat. The fancy cabinets, Ocean Springs Lumber. From the floors to the ceiling, the house turned out really nice, really nice," says Covan.

James and Tammy Covan are not the only ones excited about their new accomplishment. Even their children are thinking of ways to decorate their new home.

"I will finally get to do whatever I want with my room, and I am just excited," says Ke'Aundra Covan.

While the family is happy about the home, they cannot forget the hard working volunteers.

"We have met I mean so outstanding people," says Tammy Covan.

And those outstanding people have made the Covan's dream a reality.