Residents and Supervisors Satisfied Over Debris Removal In Jackson County

"We play golf out here two or three times a week," Golfer Jim Douglas says.

Douglas and Jim McLuckie have watched the Katrina cleanup process in between swings at the Gulf Hills Golf Course.

"It was so bad it would turn your stomach to see it, but they have been doing a wonderful job picking up the debris lately. You have to give them credit, they're really doing a fine job," McLuckie says.

"It seems like there's an improvement every week," Douglas adds.

Resident David Goad agrees.

"They've got a lot of it up."

Except for a few spots here and there.

"Like right in my yard for instance," Goad says.

And right down the street. Piles of trees limbs, damages appliances, even shoes still liter some of road sides.

But Supervisor Tim Broussard is satisfied with the job so far.

"The contractor we've hired, we've done business with before. They work hard and will continue to work hard until the job gets done," Broussard says.

Right now more than 50 percent of the six million tons of debris has been picked up. With 300 trucks on the ground each day, Broussard is confident most of Katrina's mess will be gone by mid-March.