Law Enforcement Offices Across Southeast Now Linked Together

Mississippi's central hub for the Gulf States Initiative rests just outside Jackson. The mission of the Gulf States Initiative is to develop and operate a wide area network that enables and promotes the exchange of law enforcement information in the Gulf states region. Through a computer network, the GSI allows states to combine crime fighting efforts.

The initiative is a partnership between the Department of Defense, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and now Florida.

Phil Ramer works for the GSI out of Florida. Ramer's excited to now be part of the network.

"The success of this program, I think, is that the law enforcement agencies themselves of the southern states are sharing criminal intelligence with each other and trying to help each other fight crime instead of fighting each other like you see in some other areas of the country," Ramer said.

Mississippi Public Safety Director David Huggins gave an example of how the initiative is effective.

"An investigator could be working on a suspect in Miami and another could be working on something in New Orleans. The information could be transmitted almost simultaneously about the person and it could save valuable time," Huggins said.

Each state has a main hub which is connected to other agencies throughout the rest of the state. With Florida now being part of the network, the entire southeastern section of the country is covered and connected.