Neighbors Fight Proposed Mobile Home Project

A property dispute in Lyman is the latest test of the year-old zoning ordinance in Harrison County.

Neighbors appeared before the county zoning commission Thursday afternoon to speak their minds about allowing two mobile homes on eight acres of land near Shaw Road and Hwy. 53. Some residents have no problem with the plan, but others fear it will decrease property values and could open the door to a future trailer park.

David and Susan Reeves are renovating a nearly century old house his great grandfather built. They're concerned about preserving the character of their rural community.

"We have people that are building $200,000 homes east of us. That's not a smart place to start allowing trailer parks to come in between. It needs to be in an area that's mostly like that or set aside for that. And not in between site built homes. That's what we're asking," David Reeves said.

Reeves took that request, along with a roomful of supportive neighbors, to the county zoning commission meeting.

Sherry Triplett owns the property in question and a nearby mobile home sales and service business on Hwy. 53. Her representative told commissioners the request was for two mobile homes only.

"We're not out there trying to create a trailer park. We want to put one mobile home on a four acre parcel and another mobile home on another four acre parcel. It's that simple," Chris Kibler told the commission.

Neighbors told the commission their opposition is also simple. They say it's a question of property values and quality of life.

Allen Reel lives on Hwy. 53 near the site.

"It is definitely going to detract from the value of the property owners who are currently there, including Mr. Kibler. And, like I say, we need to maintain our property value. And we need to maintain our quality of life."

The zoning commission staff recommended the permit be denied. The neighbors were assured a victory when the commissioners present voted unanimously to support that action.

Sherry Triplett has 15 days to appeal the commission's decision to the Board of Supervisors.