Jackson County Reacts To Lott's Decision To Re-Run For Senate

"I chose Mississippi and the people once again. I am going to ask Mississippi to re-elect me," Senator Lott said as the audience clapped.

"Not surprising," Economic Developer Jerry St. Pe' said.

"I felt that he was going to run," Pascagoula Economic Developer Frank Corder said.

That seemed to be the response from all of the Jackson County leaders at La Font Inn on Tuesday.

For Pascagoula Mayor Mathew Avara, the decision was a no-brainer.

"He serves on our select intelligence committee, he's on a lot of different committees and I think he recognizes the need from both sides of the aisle that he can present for the country," Avara said.

St. Pe is also pleased Lott will run again, though he knows the decision wasn't easy.

"I suspect that it had been a struggle for him," St. Pe' said.

A struggle between spending time with family, or spending time rebuilding South Mississippi.

"His influence, his leadership, in the Congress is absolutely critical as we move forward to continue to do the things we need to do to recover," St. Pe' said.

Corder believes that's why Lott decided to go for one more term.

"I think that had a great impact on his decision," Corder said.

"This is no time for anyone to think about quitting," Lott said in the press conference.

Mayor Avara believes with or without Katrina, it wasn't Lott's time to quit.

"I think Katrina may have played a small role, but at the end of the day, I think there are a lot of unanswered issues that he has brought up that he sees as being vitally important to this country, not only this region, this state,"Avara said. "All of the wind is not out of the Senator's sails yet."

"It's a great thing for us," Corder said.

With all Lott has accomplished and the work ahead, Corder believes most South Mississippians want Lott back in Washington.