Propane Business Is Booming In Jackson County

Hundreds of South Mississippians who now live in FEMA trailers are fueling a new demand for propane gas.

"A bottle runs you $22.50 a bottle," says shopper Johnny Horton.

"We have been selling a couple thousand gallons, about 1200 to 1500 gallons a day," says Blossom Propane Gas & Appliances Manager Gabe Crebs.

Crebs has seen firsthand the amount of people pouring in for gas.

"At first it was really overwhelming. We had lines of 20 and 30 people... to fill tanks."

While residents continue to empty their pockets paying for gas, they could be saving instead.

"They need to find an alternative like an electrical heater," says ACE Hardware Manager Tim Browning.

Browning says buying heaters can help keep that hard-earned cash in your pocket.

"It is a good alternative to gas because everything there that runs on gas, like the hot water heater and the heater, it really sucks those 30 gallon tanks," says Browning.

Enos Treece, who has lived in a trailer since Katrina, says that's good advice.

"I bought an electric furnace from Lowes. The power went up a little bit, but the gas bill went down more than a half."

Treece say the money he saves will help him rebuild.