Martin Luther King Day Celebration In Vancleave

It's a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - the man who fought for equality and freedom for people of all races. King had dream that lives on even today.

"We've come a long ways, thank God," Della Hampton says.

Hampton remembers the old days, before the civil rights movement.

"The only thing I remember when we went shopping in Lucedale, we weren't allowed in the front on the street. We had to go through the back door," Hampton says.

"You couldn't go into the bathrooms. You had to go in the back," Rev. Thomas Howard adds.

It's these things, Lizzie Reddix says, the younger generation never had to experience. So this celebration offers the older folks an opportunity to share a little history.

"He did so much for us in his lifetime," Reddix says. "I tell them, he marched for us, he lost his life for us."

Celebration director Madeline Hampton says Monday's event in Vancleave almost didn't happen.

"I lost my house during Katrina, and I've been working to try and get that back together. I didn't have the spirits. I was laying in the bed and something told me to do it. If you start something, don't stop," Director Madeline Hampton says.

So with just a few dozen people, the march began. They're marching to commemorate how far they've come.

"It means a lot. It makes you look back on how things used to be," Della Hampton says.

"Things have changed a lot, but all of it isn't gone," Reddix says.

So they march too, to remember achieving equality in every way is a journey that never ends.