South Mississippians Celebrate Life Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

South Mississippians gathered here at Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church in Gulfport to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The theme- "In the spirit of unity and service - remember, celebrate, act", and this message was not just for those who lived during Dr. King's lifetime, but also for those who came along decades after.

"I think he would be somewhat concerned with our younger generation and that they're not upholding those goals that he preached about and talked about in trying to move forward. You know, we're somewhat moving backwards instead of going forward and hopefully these type of programs will encourage our young people to do better," said program chairman James Crowell.

Various local as well as state leaders were present to reflect on Dr. King's message of nonviolence and justice, including educator and activist Dr. Gene Young of Jackson, Mississippi, who believes we still have a way's to go to get to the "promised land" Dr. King strived to reach.

"Dr. King said we major in the minor and minor in the major , and I think a lot of people have put an emphasis on things that, the material. They tend to give no value to some of the things that need to be brought about in this community and I think there needs to be a new resurgence of activism,"said Dr. Young.

Activism on such issues as education and employment.

So, while Dr. King has been gone now for almost 38 years, the hope is that South Mississippians strive to help keep his dream alive - the dream of liberty and justice for all.

And the celebration of Dr. King continues Monday with a coast-wide Martin Luther King Parade.

The fun starts at 11 am..

The route begins at the Howard Avenue Community Center in Biloxi.

All of these events include free admission and free parking.