Some Storm Victims Just Realizing Amount Of Damage

Nearly five months after Hurricane Katrina, some of the people most impacted by the storm say they're just realizing the magnitude of the devastation.

On Sunday people from Mississippi and Louisiana talked about why they're just now seeing much of the storm damage.

Earl and Olga Noble couldn't believe what had become of their old fishing spot.

Katrina destroyed their house in Waveland, but the couple was just getting to see what the storm did to the Bay St. Louis bridge.

"You're so busy taking care of what you have to take care of, you don't realize the devastation," said Olga Noble. "You have to get over here and see it."

A steady stream of people came to see and take the pictures of the bridge. Most of them were from South Mississippi and Louisiana.

For some the damage was a total surprise.

Aleen Lampkin is from Metarie, Louisiana.

"Shock. I'm shocked at this. I didn't know realize that this bridge was gone. I thought this bridge was still here," she said.

"We planned to go to the casinos but to look at it but we cannot go this way," said Aura Galvez, of Louisiana.

Others expected to see some damage but not so large scale.

Dominic Ortiz lives inWaveland.

"It's hard to imagine that there is such a force that could do this much devastation," he said.

Brian Monroe of Gulfport has seen one unbelievable sight after another.

He and his motorcycle have been to the hurricane affected areas of Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian and now Bay St. Louis.

"I grew up over here," said Monroe. "I used to party around the corner. I used to live right there and to see it all gone now, it's, hey bigger is better, we'll be back."

The people say as more residents of Mississippi and Louisiana get their homes situated, they too will venture out and get the full impact of what has happened here.

"Pictures don't do it justice to where you just open your eyes and see the whole area gone," said Earl Noble. "Who would ever think a cement bridge like this here could be removed just like the one coming out of Slidell. It moved these giant pieces of cement. Mother Nature always wins."