Vancleave Family Needs Bigger FEMA Trailer For Bigger Family

Playing baseball is a ritual for the Travis family, just another way to forget about the problems caused by Katrina.

"Well we got pretty much wiped out," says Vancleave Resident Darrel Travis.

With no where to go, Darrel Travis turned to Fema for shelter.

"When we applied we told them we had a family of six. We had four kids and me and my wife," says Travis.

After a month of living with relatives, Travis received his FEMA trailer.

"It is small, it really smaller, you have to put two kids on one bunk and two on another bunk. Every once in a while the routine is you have to let the couch out so they can stretch out some," says Travis.

"This is suppose to be the food closet we kind of have kids clothes shoved in there and the food so this is real tight quarters too," says Travis.

While Travis has contacted Fema several times for help, he says they continue to give him empty promises.

"They can do this they are going to do this, well it is not happening," says Travis.

And as far as money to rebuild his storm ravaged home.

"I was denied for the SBA loan and then they denied me of a grant," says Travis.

Though the road looks weary, Travis says he will do what he can to provide for his family.

"Well a family that stays together is what makes you happy. We do the best we can and raise our kids they best we can," he said.