Waveland Shelter For Volunteers Expanding

The chefs at the Project Care Village do a lot with a little.

"It's just like camping, just on a bigger scale," says one of the cooks, pointing to his makeshift stove.

But they won't have to rough it much longer, thanks to their benefactors at the Morrell Foundation.

"Now were ramping up to build a kitchen here that will be a permanent kitchen," says Stan Morrell, spokesman for the Foundation. "And it will be there to feed 3 times a day for the volunteers that come into the camp."

They now average about 300 volunteers a week, who actually pay a 20 dollar a day fee to stay here, and work in the community for free.

"It says there's a lot of goodness and kindness in this nation and the people who live here," says Morrell.

The new kitchen is just one of many construction projects currently underway here.

It's all part of their original goal to bring in 1000 volunteers to live and work in this center.

"I've got probably 4 different projects going on right now," says Construction Supervisor Dean Pecor. "We just built a full service laundry. We've got another 20 stall shower for men, 20 shower stall for women, rest rooms and sinks, going in the back where the camper area is."

They're also putting the finishing touches on a new medical tent and preparing to lay down 75 paved camper sites.

All done, to better facilitate the stay of all those who come here from all across the county just to lend a hand.

And thanks to a new restaurant style kitchen, they'll now have tools as well as the talent, to better serve these most deserving guests.