Fellow Dancers Remember Friends Lost In Fatal Accident

Candace Newman of Biloxi and sisters Brittany and Carley Jordan of Ocean Springs were remembered Thursday night by their friends at Kelli's Steps School of Dance. The close knit group of dancers came together to comfort each other and remember their lost friends.

Backstage costume dresser Rosie Latil was overcome with emotion when she thought about the six young lives lost in Thursday's accident.

"I can't fix this one Kelli. I could always sew it up and make it better," Rosie said as she hugged Kelli Dickens.

Dickens shared her love of dance with the girls. For ten years, she was their dance teacher.

"Those three girls were inseparable. Candace and Carley, best friends. And Carley couldn't go anywhere without Brittany," Dickens said. "All three of those girls were just so talented and loving and very popular with their peers."

Dickens said Brittany was continuing her training in the performance arts by taking Theater classes at Ole Miss. She had dreams of going to Los Angeles and becoming an actress.

"She was so full of everything. She'd have been great," Dickens said of Brittany.

"Little petite, little reserved sister Carley. She was just a perfect little Barbie doll. Candace was just so sweet and so giving and she had the biggest heart."

In memory of their friends, the group gathered for one last tribute, a back stage ritual of reciting the Lord's Prayer.