Perk Students Mourn Their Lost Friends

The Perkinston campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is in mourning. Eight former and current students were involved in a deadly early morning accident Thursday. Six were killed, two others are in critical condition.

There were lots of hugs and tears on the campus as students struggled with the loss of their friends.

Student Andrea Noll says, "Finally we got all the names who it was and it was just devastating."

Carley Jordan and Candice Newman were bat girls for the baseball team. Their sponsor says they were too young to go so soon.

"They were full of life, always fun. I get a smile on my face thinking about them, I really do. It breaks my heart," says Stacy Fore.

The girls also performed on the Perkettes dance team.

Student Stephanie Lampley says, "They were a joy to be around. They were inseparable. You never heard just Carley, you never just heard Candice, it was always Carley and Candice and there was never a dull moment in the dance room."

Richard O'Barr was a relief pitcher for the Bulldogs. He should have been at practice, but the coach made it optional as O'Barr's teammates leaned on each other.

Player Pat Farrell says, "Everybody's just trying to pull together as a family and a team and just remember the good memories of Richard. Richard was a funny guy. He could always make you laugh. He brought the best out of everybody. He was a hard worker, good pitcher, good guy."

Bulldogs Coach Cooper Farris says, "He loved baseball, loved being out here on the field and he was just a good kid, one of those kids you could get after a little bit and he'd smile at you. He was a good young man and I hate it for his family, and for our family here too, because he was a big part of it."