Marine Life Dolphins Reunited In The Bahamas

For the first time since Hurricane Katrina the Marine Life dolphins are back together again in the Bahamas.

It's been a long journey for the mammals. They traveled to Atlantis in special tanks to make sure they were safe, and comfortable.

Dozens of marine mammal specialists and veterinarians worked together to make sure the dolphins made a successful splash at Atlantis. Marine specialists there say the dolphins are doing well.

"These dolphins have been through a lot, but the people who were taking care of them and rescued them did an amazing job getting them to a safe enviroment and taking care of them. They look amazing. Amazing that they have come this far," said Teri Corbett, Vice President of Marine Mammal Training for Atlantis.

One dolphin, Tessie, was not able to make the journey because she is suffering from a fungal infection. Tessie is being treated at a marine facility in Florida and will head to Atlantis as soon as she recovers.