Waveland Prepares For Presidential Visit

Dixie Ashman of Waveland was left dumbfounded by what Katrina's fury did to her home and business on Coleman Avenue.

"This is where everything was," says Ashman, pointing to a concrete slab. "And it looks like a garbage pail, 4 and a half months later."

And she was left dumbstruck by what she says FEMA told her afterwards.

"According to FEMA, I had no damage on the first floor or the second floor," says Ashman.

Her story is one of many that she hopes President Bush will hear and respond to when he visits her hometown on Thursday.

"Why do the streets still look like this? Why does our town still look like this."

Those are questions shared by Coleman Street neighbor Brian Mollere.

"I don't know where all the money is going, but it sure is not getting in the right hands," says Mollere. "I think a lot of it is being wasted with the bureaucracy."

Mollere says like the War in Iraq, the President should reject timetables for withdrawing forces and resources from here as well.

"It's going to take years at this rate, years," says Mollere.

Along with these concerns and frustrations, Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo believes a personal visit will have a powerful impact on the president.

"Everyone that puts their feet on the ground, gets it," says Longo. "They understand what we're faced with and just the total devastation."

And he says there's one message the president must take away from this visit.

"That he needs to continue supporting this as hard as he was from the get go," says Longo. "And there are lives that depend on this."