Ocean Springs Soup Kitchen Needs Help

The need is greater than ever but donations are down.

That's the problem facing a coast soup kitchen that depends on volunteers and community support.

"The Lord is My Help" in Ocean Springs serves hundreds of meals each day, both on site and through its popular "Meals on Wheels" program that delivers food to the homebound.

But those who run the soup kitchen are getting a little worried about their ability to meet the growing need.

"We're feeding more people here now than we have ever fed before."

Director, Kay Woods, says the soup kitchen dishes out more than 200 meals a day.

Lunches are served from 11:30 to 12:30 Monday through Friday. There's also a daily delivery schedule which brings dozens of lunches to shut ins.

"Our donations are down a little bit from what they normally are. And we've worried about that because we actually need to keep our donations up," said Woods.

That's because the need is up.

Longtime volunteer, Flossie Webb, can tell you all about that need. Every day she sees the faces of those who are hurting or facing hard times.

"I feel that it's needed and that a lot of people benefit from it. And then plus they can come get carry out groceries to take when they need them. And it's just a good place to be," said Webb.

Area churches often supply the volunteers to help prepare and serve the meals. Inmate labor also helps keep the kitchen running smoothly.

But a strain on the pantry has left "The Lord is My Help" reaching out for additional donations and support.

"We really do need cans of tuna. And potted meat of all kinds. And vegetables. Fruit. Fruit is very expensive and we really cannot serve as much fruit as we'd like to serve. We need money. But we need people's time and help," said Woods.

The Lord is My Help is located on Desoto Street, which is just off Government Street in downtown Ocean Springs.

Along with the plea for canned goods and volunteers, they need bread. If you can drop off some loaves of bread or bags of rolls, they would certainly appreciate it.