Edgewater Village To Offer More Shopping Options

An old tenant is moving into a new spot in Edgewater Village. H&R Block is a long time fixture but its south end office is gutted, so the manager says the old Catherine's clothing shop will work just fine.

"We've been here for a very long time and our clients know where we are. We just didn't want to make it hard for them to find us. A lot of phone numbers have changed, a lot of faces on buildings have changed and we just wanted to let them know we will be here for them. We're just closer to the railroad tracks than we were before," office manager Libby Cox says.

H&R Block will be the sixth business to come back to the battered Edgewater Village. Property owner Tom Harvey is counting on more 'Now Open' signs going up this year.

"The village is definitely coming back, definitely. There may be some changes in the way the buildings, the stores, the sizes, but it's definitely coming back," says Harvey.

Restaurant owner Bobby Tomson says he's back because there aren't many places to eat in the area. He reopened CiCi's Pizza a month ago. And as Edgewater Village bounces back, Tomson hopes his sales will too.

"As things grow and get better in this center, things will get better for us. We opened around the same time the mall did and things did well, but we haven't been as busy as we anticipated. I think once the word gets out that we're open, we'll get our guest base back and get back on track," Tomson says.

The biggest loss at Edgewater Village is Toys R Us. That's a corporate decision. The company is closing stores across the country. Harvey says he hates to see it leave, but he hopes to fill the building very soon.

"Oh, I'm working on getting the building leased as fast as I can. There'll be new businesses, definitely be new businesses. New and old."

Harvey says many of the stores need new roofs and he's waiting on his insurance money to pay for that.

A lot of people ask about Books-A-Million. Harvey says it's one of the businesses waiting on a roof. Harvey and a company spokesperson says the store will reopen as soon as possible.