Jackson County Filled With Illegal Dumpsites

"You will find house hold items, mattresses, box springs, you will even find house hold garbage," says Environmental Officer David Groves.

Empty lots and dead end streets are piling up with garbage and debris. There's so much trash in the area, even officials say it's hard to tell where the junk ends and private property begins.

"With the amount of debris out there it is hard to tell whether it is an illegal dumpsite or a legal dumpsite unless you find it on a vacant lot," says Groves.

Environmental officer David Groves says some citizens are dumping illegally. But, he believes some contractors hired to help rebuild South Mississippi, are actually adding to the problem.

"A roofer that is doing a house is charging the homeowner for removal and disposal of that material. Now, if he picks it up and hauls it off to a dead end street, he is putting the extra money in his pocket."

"The thing that will bother me, and should bother most people, is if it is illegally dumped like that, it's costing the tax payers additional money to have it picked up," says Groves.

Groves says he does not want to see citizens picking up the tab for illegal dumping, and it will not be tolerated in Jackson County.