Jessie Arbogast's Family Sends Out Word of Thanks

Now that Jessie Arbogast is home, his family is expressing its thanks for the way the coast community has rallied around the eight year old.

In a statement, Jessie's family said,"While Jessie's condition continues to improve, he still has many issues to contend with. Jessie's recovery will take a long time with a lot of hard work and rehabilitation. Again, we thank all who have prayed for our son and given us support."

He spent his first full day back at home Monday as neighbors did their best to strike a sensitive balance: keeping up their support while keeping their distance. Throughout the coast, people have tied yellow ribbons to mailboxes, car antennas and fire hydrants. Signs at several businesses wish the 8-year-old a speedy recovery. One message board outside a motel reads: ``Prayers for Jessie.''

An ambulance brought the eight year old boy home to Ocean Springs Sunday, five weeks after he was attacked by a shark. Though still in a light coma, doctors released him to continue his recovery at home.

Today, on Good Morning America, one of Jessie's doctors said they can tell Jessie recognizes his favorite cartoons on television.