Hancock County Storm Victims Get Property Tax Break

A big tax break for Hurricane Katrina victims in Hancock County. County leaders have slashed last year's property tax bills by one-third. That means storm victims are only being taxed for the months prior to the storm.

County leaders say it's an incentive to help keep people in the county.

"Hancock County took the approach that people should be taxed on the time they actually had use of the property. So what we did is rolled the assessment back by one third on any property that was either completely destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by Katrina. So what that amounts to is that you'll pay taxes for the eight months you had use of the property, and not pay taxes for the four months that you did not have use of the property," Hancock County Tax Collector Jimmy Ladner explained.

Storm victims who did not receive the tax break can apply for it at the temporary Hancock County tax office on Longfellow Road.