Pascagoula Church Reopens Bigger & Better After Katrina

After months of rebuilding, members of one Jackson County church returned to their regular house of worship Sunday for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

The First Assembly of God Church in Pascagoula sustained more than a million dollars in damages when Katrina came ashore in August.

But church members are ready to start the new year in a new and improved church

"This was a miracle, this is and absolute miracle from God," said Pastor Eric Camp.

Praises could be heard outside the First Assembly of God in Pascagoula as the congregation thanked a higher power for their newly renovated church.

"What the enemy means for evil God means for good.. Less than Five Months ago this church had no roof.. and mounds of water inside thanks to from Katrina. There was a little over three feet of water in main sanctuary, and three feet of water down stairs," said Camp.

But after four months of hard work, that damage is now all in the past and the church reopened Sunday bigger and better.

"Everything is new, walls are new, paint new, and carpet throughout," said Camp.

And the congregation is rejoicing about their newly renovated house of worship.

"It is most significant that they were able to do this in this period of time pastor tells me that they have been working 18 to 20 hours a day," said Assembly General Secretary Thomas Trask.

"It gives people hope that God can restore anything just give God time he can do anything," said Assembly Evangelist Tiger Stokes.

And as this church continues to move forward, church members say they want to encourage others who feel hopeless in the face of the hurricane's destruction.

"Do not give up. God is for you, you too will have the day to rejoice and see what God has made possible," said Trask.

"We know that this is just a tool that God is going to use for this church. Our vision is to love to reach and be a blessing to this community," said Camp.