Local Newspaper Delayed By Fire

A crew was busy working Sunday afternoon to figure out exactly what caused Saturday evening's fire in the newspaper's press room.

Paper dust is believed to have been ignited, resulting in a small fire which burned one of the printer's air hoses and hydraulics.

And even though the damage was not extensive, managers felt it would not be safe to go to press.

"We had to print this morning's paper, Sunday morning's paper in New Orleans. And if you noticed it looked a little bit different, black and white because they also have a Sunday morning paper to do. But those are the kind of backup systems you put in place so we have a paper," said marketing services director John McFarland.

And because the paper had to be printed at the Times-Picayune, quite a few of you received your papers a few hours later.

But be prepared - Monday's edition may be a little tardy as well.

"Tonight we're gonna print in Mobile. You should not see a difference in the paper tomorrow. It should be a normal-looking Sun Herald but it may be a little late because again, we've got to get everything to Mobile and print and bring back," said McFarland.

These arrangements with newspaper outlets in neighboring cities are part of a backup plan which has been in place for years, in case of emergencies like this.

But McFarland assures subscribers that the newspaper, which has been serving South Mississippians for over 120 years, will soon be up and running as usual as soon as possible.

"Be patient with us. There will be a paper tomorrow. It may be a little late, but there will be one and hopefully we'll be back to normal printing here for Tuesday's paper," said McFarland.