Boston Students Lend A Hand with Recovery Efforts

Countless volunteers continue to pour into South Mississippi, offering a helping hand with hurricane relief.

And for a group of students from Massachusetts, there are just some lessons you can not learn from a textbook.

The students, from Boston College, are in South Mississippi this week helping with recovery efforts.

As South Mississippi parishioners poured into the Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church Sunday morning, students from Boston College were busy making repairs at the Vietnamese Martyr's Center across the street.

"What they've done is they went through, they've gutted the entire house and before they can go and put studs on and put up dry wall, we have to go in and take out the mold and the mildew that got on the wood," said Chris Darcy, Assistant Dean of Students at Boston College.

The students braved the mildew and mold so the center can soon be fully operational again, and Father Dominic Dong Phan can move back in to his living quarters upstairs.

"It's amazing and a God blessing," said Father Phan.

This is Chris Darcy's first time in South Mississippi.

He says he's glad he has the opportunity to pitch in and help South Mississippi rebuild.

"The van that I came in, with about seven of us, we couldn't believe what we had seen in the coast area, the retail area, some of the magnificent homes down there that were reduced to rubble," Darcy said.

And this is just one of many projects the students from Boston College are going to be working on throughout the week.

"It's not enough to just send money," Darcy said. "You have to put your love and passions in action. That's what these students are doing."

Father Phan says people from across the country have been helping his church rebuild and recover since the Hurricane.

As for the students from Boston College, they'll leave with the knowledge that they helped people from another part of the country rebuild and recover after one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.