Hockey Commissioner Visits Sea Wolves Headquarters

Little evidence remains to indicate that a professional hockey team every called this place home.

"It's a survivor stick," says Mississippi Sea Wolves Head Coach Steffan Walby upon finding a hockey stick in the wrecked team dressing room.

Walby took ECHL Commissioner Brian McKenna on his first tour of the teams devastated headquarters in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum.

"Seeing the devastation and knowing the amount of work and preparation that has to be done to bring the team back, we know that can't occur over night," say McKenna.

But how about over the next few months. Coach Walby is optimistic his team could be back in 06.

"Obviously it's going to take a lot of hard work and I think the biggest thing is it's going to take optimism," says Walby.

It's an optimism that is shared by Coliseum Director Bill Holmes.

"As soon as we get the settlement done with the insurance company, we can move forward and move forward fast," says Holmes.

Commissioner McKinna will update league officials on the progress here in the coming weeks, but he says a final on the 2006 season will have to be made by the first part of April, giving Coliseum officials precious few months to settle their issues of money and manpower.

"We're really proud of the structure itself," says Holmes. "We've just got to bring her back to life. We've got to make her dance. We've got to make her sing, and we've got to bring the community in and support it again."

Support that Commissioner McKenna says the Sea Wolves and the community already have from the league.

"I think they look at it and say, weather it's next year or 5 years or 10 years, that could be us, weather it's an earthquake, hurricane or some other natural disaster."