Volunteers Step Up to the Plate To Clean Ball Field

Anna Evans has watched two generations of her family play ball at the Bayou View ball park, but last year, Katrina leveled the decades-old playing field that's across the street from her Gulfport home.

"It was awful, trees laying all over, and limbs. I didn't go over there too much. I stayed in. For some reason, it gave me a depression or something, and I didn't want to see all that, but I got over that. And I went around looking, and the fence was all broke down and everything," Evans said.

But things are looking better at the Bayou View ball field--thanks to board members of the Gulfport Youth Sports Association.

Not satisfied simply sitting on the sidelines, the board members decided to take matters into their own hands and have been working on cleaning up the fields since last week.

"We hauled off the biggest part of debris last week. This week we're doing the touch ups, clean up, trying to get the rest of the fencing down, and things like that so we can go ahead and try to start putting things back together," said board member Ricky Dombrowski.

The group wants to have the fields back in playing order by early April when baseball and softball season begins, but they know they have their work cut out for them.

"Our biggest hold up is fencing and lights, and the city is on the way, trying to get that. Waiting on the lights is the biggest issue," Dombrowski said.

As for Anna Evans, she's glad to see members of the community stepping up to help restore the ball fields.

After all, she has a great grandchild who is likely to mark the third generation of Evanses to take to this playing field.