Ocean Springs Church Says Prayer Brought Jessie Home

Throughout his recovery, members of the congregation at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Ocean Springs say they never gave up hope, no matter how bleak Jessie's condition seemed. Ever since the news broke about Jessie's accident, members of his church have been praying for his recovery.

On Sunday morning members got the news they'd been praying for, Jessie Arbogast was coming home.

"The critical condition that he was in. Nobody would have expected that he would be coming home," Matt Johnson said.

However, some parishioners say even when they found out he'd lost virtually all the blood in his body, they never stopped praying that Jessie would come home alive and well. They say Jessie's recovery is the perfect example of what happens when people walk by faith and not by sight.

"The fact that Jessie Arbogast is doing as well as he has, and is doing, is a miracle," Terry Moore said. "We all have him in our prayers."

"Beyond the medical and the scientific is truly the gift of God which is our faith that sustains us, and it was through an act of prayer from all the people that love Jessie that lifted him up," Father Martin Gillespie said.

St. Alphonsus wasn't the only place where people were asking for divine intervention. Church members say at times it seemed the whole world was praying for Jessie. Father Gillespie said he received many letters from people expressing their prayers for Jessie.

by Danielle Thomas