Fire Shuts Down Interstate In Moss Point

Hues of yellow and red blanket the Moss Point sky as what started as a small spark near the airport snowballed into a monster and headed south toward the interstate.

"The wind was blowing so bad, that's what caused it to get out of hand," Moss Point Fire Lt. Mark Condreay says. "The fire got so high it started throwing ambers and trying to set the median on fire and jump the interstate."

That's when emergency officials shut I-10 down forcing drivers to put their cars in park.

"I just heard it was a woods fire on the radio," one driver says.

"It's got to be big, we've been waiting here for 45 minutes,"another adds.

"Two hours waiting, they should just let us go," a man on his way to Texas shouted.

"I want to go home,"a woman says on her way home from work.

Lt Condreay apologizes for the inconvenience but says no car will pass until it's safe.

"We had an multi-car pile up out here about 18 years ago and probably within the last five years we've had one out by the truck scales. The smoke gets so thick, people can't see," Condreay says.

Although the wind is the culprit that blew the blaze south, Condreay says, it's also the savior that dispersed the smoke and let the drivers roll once more.