Pascagoula Leaders Hope To Draw Baseball Tournament, Money

City leaders in Pascagoula got an early morning start on a trip to Virginia to try and bring a baseball tournament to the area.

Eight council members and other leaders loaded up and headed out around 4:30 a.m. to lobby for the 2002 Dixie Youth League World Series. If the tournament comes to the area, it will bring more than 3,000 people along with it.

City leaders will do a presentation for Dixie Youth League officials, and they hope to prove that Pascagoula is the ideal place to have the event.

"Our presentation talks about why they should want to come to Pascagoula and what we have to offer and the accommodations, the restaurants that we have, the stores we hope they'll shop in, all of that type thing, the fields, all the work we're doing to the fields," Pascagoula City Manager Kay Johnson said.

The city of Dothan, Ala., is also hoping for the bid. The baseball organization will make its decision Monday afternoon.