Biloxi School Celebrates End of Summer Reading Fun

Beavers Elementary's reading program help kids from pre-school to sixth grade get exited about reading this summer.

The school threw an end of the summer party for children who participated in its Accelerated Reading program. All summer long the children checked out library books and were then tested on what they've read. School officials say reading over the summer months helps keep the children's reading skills sharp.

"It's important for them to read all summer long," library assistant Wanda Lowe said. "So when they start back after the summer they haven't gone backwards..taken a step backwards in their reading abilities. They kept it current all summer long."

More than 50 children actively participated in the program. Not only did they improve their reading skills, they also learned the importance of giving. The children presented the Humane Society of South Mississippi with two boxes full of supplies they had collected.

by Danielle Thomas