Coast Landmark Taken Down From Keesler Entrance

A well-known coast landmark has come down.

Crews took the Air Force F-100 plane away from it's spot along the beach in Biloxi Saturday morning. The plane has sat at the foot of White Avenue for more than 10 years.

Keelser officials say not only did the plane make people aware of the base, but it was also a symbol of the partnership between the Air Force and the city of Biloxi. They say the plane has fallen in disrepair.

"Due to the high humidity and the salt content of the air, it's basically just really taken its toll on the air frame and so the cost to refurbish it just far exceeds the routine maintenance of it," Michael Grogan of Keesler Air Force Base said.

The F-100 was used as an experimental aircraft and is one of only two planes like it ever built. Keelser Officials say Edwards Air Force Base in California has expressed some interest in taking the plane but more than likely it will be retired.

The pedestal where the plane sat will be torn down on Monday.

by Danielle Thomas