Rebuilding Ideas Flow From Unincorporated Areas

Dozens of DeLisle residents as well as other concerned citizens gathered at the West Harrison Civic Center Wednesday evening for an in-depth discussion of how they want DeLisle to look in the future.

"My suggestions for DeLisle is that we keep some space here, some green space, and that homes are built in planned neighborhoods," said DeLisle resident Rev. Rosemary Williams.

"Affordable good decent housing and more lighting on the roads and a greatly improved sewer system," said Pass Christian resident Claudia Preston.

Thanks to a grant from the Housing and Urban Development Agency or HUD, along with the sponsorship of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, volunteers from Ohio State University held this town hall meeting to gather information on what can perhaps be an extension of what the Governor's Commission provided for larger South Mississippi cities.

"It's very important from our standpoint that whatever we put down on a plan as far as what people want for the future, that it is really what the community wants," said principal planner Kris Hopkins.

And the team got a feel for what the community wants through conducting a visual preference survey, allowing residents to use a voting device to determine what is and is not acceptable in the community.

The team says the unincorporated areas of South Mississippi should play a role in this area's future. And they hope to help make that happen.

The students, along with the Board of Supervisors, will hold a town hall meeting Thursday evening at the Saucier Civic Center. It will begin at 6 p.m.