Shooting Victim's Family Questions Use Of Lethal Force

Margaret Jones is scared her niece Zeta McBroom is not going to survive the gunshot wound she suffered Monday. The 26-year old mother of three was shot by a Harrison County Sheriff's deputy.

"She's paralyzed from her waist down at this time. Still in a coma, still in critical," Jones says.

Jones says McBroom's children don't know their mother is in the hospital very sick

"Their grandmother and their dad is keeping it from them."

McBroom's family says investigators are keeping answers away from them too.

"It's terrifying, you don't know what to believe," she says.

McBroom's brother says they don't know why McBroome left her house off Canal Road about 8:00 Monday night.

"All I know is she drank three pints of liquor that day. Her husband was in her car so she took her husband's, which is also in her name, and just took off. We don't know where she went or what she did," says Richard O'Neal.

They also wonder why a deputy stopped her and why she allegedly took off which led to a chase along Highway 53 and ended on Saucier Lane.

O'Neal says, "And the cops fired at her and I know she didn't have no weapon."

Zeta McBroom's brother says she was drinking early Monday evening and her family admits she could have been legally intoxicated. Still they say that's no reason for deputies to use lethal force.

"Why didn't they shoot the tires? That would've took mobility out of the vehicle, she would definitely have been stopped. Or either shot the radiator, which would have done the same thing," says Jones.

O'Neal asks, "Why did they have to shoot her like that? Why didn't they try to stop the Bronco. There's road spikes they could've used to flatten the tires. They could have tried to shoot out the tires."

Zeta McBroom is in critical condition at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula. A spokesperson would not confirm she is paralyzed and in a coma.

Sheriff George Payne referred questions to the Department of Public Safety in Jackson which is investigating the shooting. A spokesperson says the deputy who shot McBroom stopped her for a traffic violation. He is on administrative leave.

Zeta McBroom has a January 25th court hearing for a DUI citation she received on October 30 last year at Highway 53 and Canal Road.