Biloxi Man Wants Answers About Father's Remains

Hurricane Katrina damaged or disturbed 148 crypts at Southern Memorial Park.

Owners of that cemetery, located along the beach in Biloxi, are still working to recover and identify remains.

The task is difficult for the coroner and frustrating for family members who have loved ones still missing.

Tim Waldrop longs to know the whereabouts of his father's remains.

"My dad was located on the second level, the third bay over," he said, pointing to the mauseleum which held his father's casket.

Waldrop doesn't know where his father is now. James Waldrop died in 1992. His above ground crypt was among dozens blown apart by Katrina.

"It really upsets my mother. I feel for everyone. But we need answers. And I don't think I'm the only one that needs answers," he said.

Waldrop says he's had little luck getting those answers from the coroner or cemetery owners. All that seems certain is his father's remains are still unaccounted for.

"It seems like they'd have enough consideration to at least tell us something. We're still looking or we've give up hope," he says.

"I would give anything that I had to get his father back," said cemetery owner, Kim Powers.

Powers and the coroner say they're doing all they can to recover and identify all the remains disturbed by the storm.

There are 23 deceased still unidentified and 14 still missing from Southern Memorial.

"The possibility that he may not be recovered is there. We certainly hate that, but we've done everything we can to recover everyone from the cemetery as well as our storm victims," said coroner Gary Hargrove.

"I've dealt with most of the families individually since day one. It's been difficult for everyone involved. And we're just trying the best that we can to take care of every single family," Powers said.

Tim Waldrop says it is the not knowing that is most difficult to deal with. He needs some information and answers about his father. He also admits he's prepared to face the possibility the remains may have washed away, and may never be recovered.

"My gut feeling is he's out there in the Gulf I hate to say that, but if they haven't found him by now," said Waldrop, who never finished the sentence.

Cemetery owner Kim Powers says anyone who had a loved one in the mauseleum at Southern Memorial Park needs to contact the cemetery if they haven't already.

The number to call is (228) 896-9496.