Mandatory Uniforms Take Effect In Bay-Waveland Schools

All students in the Bay-Waveland school district returned to class Friday, sporting a new look. White, navy blue and khaki are the must-wear colors. One reason for the mandatory uniform policy is safety.

Assistant Superintendent Chuck Benigno says he thinks the uniforms can increase safety by helping officials be aware of who's on campus. Everyone is in uniforms, so if someone is not in uniform, they will stand out even more.

At Bay High, Assistant Principal Stan Partridge keeps a close watch on students, to make sure they are obeying the new dress code. Partridge says things are going great on the first day of school. He says the kids look wonderful, and just about everybody has tried to comply. Partridge says there are a few students who are going to try to buck it for a little while, but once everybody gets used to it, it's going to be super.

Students have their own opinions about the uniforms. Kurt Graves the school has no discipline problems, so he thinks they should focus more on bettering education, than trying to make students dress the same way.

Andrew Baldree says he doesn't see the point, because there hasn't been any problems at Bay High in the past couple of years.  He thinks the whole idea of uniforms is unnecessary.

Karen Hancock says at first, she didn't think she'd like wearing uniforms.  Now, she thinks it's really good for all the students because they blend in well. School leaders also think it's a good policy. They say it will reduce peer pressure, increase security, and promote a stronger learning environment.

Chuck Benigno says the kids look great, and he thinks learning is going to be at a very high level this year. If students don't comply with the uniform policy, their parents have to meet with the school administrator. After the fifth offense, the student could be suspended for five days.

By: Trang Pham-Bui